Our policy

- Performing our services in accordance with certain standards and ensuring the continuous improvement and development of our quality management system with the participation of all GUTMAM employees,

- Being a center with environmentally friendly laboratories that incorporate different scientific techniques, which work in accordance with national and international standards with minimum errors and in line with independency, impartiality, confidentiality and ethical principles,

- Implementing a quality management system at GUTMAM that adheres to ethical principles, so analyses can be carried out quickly and accurately (without the need for re-analysis) in accordance with national and international standards or working conditions determined by the customer,

- Evaluating the accuracy of the data obtained as a result of the analysis with certified reference materials and performing quality control tests,

- Making the Quality Policy sustainable by ensuring that the academic and technical personnel responsible for the laboratory and analysis learn all the documentation required by the Quality Management System and receive the necessary internal/external training for this,

- Carrying out activities to increase customer satisfaction by approaching all kinds of complaints and objections to the laboratories and analyzes with a solution-oriented approach,

- Ensuring customer and analysis confidentiality,

- Following all the processes that will increase the success of our center and the quality of the services we provide and making the necessary improvements.

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